FITS Skull Merino Socks
FITS Skull Merino Socks
May 29, 2024 7:33 PM



  The Ultra Light Ski helps you push the limits while limiting the amount of material in your boot. Our minimalist's Ultra Light ski sock uses super-fine Merino wool and its natural ability to manage moisture and regulate temperature. The Ultra Light Ski has minimal cushioning and is best paired with custom or very close-fitting boots, as there is little material to pack out the inside of your boot. The Ultra Light Ski features a vented foot top, as well as proper gradient compression throughout the leg and over the calf, stimulating blood flow and keeping your legs feeling invigorated for as long as you wear them.



  Engineered using our patented Full Contact Fit®.Dynamic Toe Cup® contours to the shape of your foot.Heel Lock® provides heel security that limits the chances of a blister when combined with a properly fit boot.Over-the-calf length falls just below the knee.Moisture WickingDesigned for stay-dry breathability & performance.Full Contact FitNo uncomfortable bunching, slipping, or rubbing.Smart CushioningExtra padding in active zones: toe, arch, & heel.



  Materials - 24% Nylon / 6% Polyester / 2% Lyrca

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